Paolo Totaro

Photo: Val Landa

I am an Australian poet who writes in both English and Italian.

Padana Press recently published Collected Poems (1950-2011) which include a good part of my poetic work.

Since then, I have written and published new works, and will hopefully write more, which I will  present in these pages.

Collected Poems (1950-2011) was launched in 2012 in Sydney, at a few public events where a few writer friends read some of the works, in both English and Italian. They included Peter Robb and John Bryson, Anna Fienberg and Theodore Ell, and the literary translator, Madeleine Strong-Cincotta.

A first edition of the book was soon sold out and the publisher, Padana Press, has now printed a second, revised edition. Purchase book…

The book is also available in digital format, for downloading and can be purchased here.

Bilingual Poetry

In Australian literature the influence of local poets whose first language is not English is still to be assessed. Against a few published poets, there is a large amount of unpublished poetry both in other languages and in English, perhaps forever hidden.

These poets may not have felt they had enough skill to expose their work to public perusal, or may have not learned the art of navigating the labyrintine channels to publication.  Read more…

New Poems

One of the purest pleasures of life is to get up, go to the computer and almost automatically write ‘a good poem’. One that, after five minutes or five days, is still good. Especially when others say they were somehow touched. Likewise, it’s an untainted pleasure to find in the morning mail a freshly minted work by a friend and being able to say: ‘a good poem’. I hope that you will enjoy the new  works in this section. Any feedback (+ or -) will be appreciated. Read more…


Contrappasso Magazine Launch
10 April 2015
Stanley Street Gallery, Stanley Darlinghurst

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